I was a young @NAFCU lobbyist when I met @JohnDingell. He sometimes asked me to walk with him to appointments while we talked. He would be stopped frequently by colleagues along the way, but always begged their forgiveness in order to finish our conversation. #CommonTouch #utpol

Bill FINALLY has seniority over you, in the hereafter. It must’ve made his day to see you walk through those pearly gates, laughing and ready to chat. Have fun doling out committee assignments to the rest of us! Much love to @RepDebDingell . Rest in Peace and Love, John! #utpol

Sadly for “David” and 100s of child sex #abuse victims I know who reported their rapes/molestations to Mormon church leaders, abusers being forgiven/promoted in the church vs. victims being silenced, shunned and threatened, weren’t “isolated incidences”. https://t.co/Kpoe0z5EeE

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