When the American Lung Association rates Salt Lake County as the sixth worst air in the country, we need to take this seriously.   We can’t wait until 2024 and be out of compliance according to the Department of Environmental Quality

Fight to Improve Air Quality: As a mother of two children with asthma, I know that clean air is vital to the future health and safety of all Utahns. I will fight to bring innovative, common-sense, and proven solutions to the legislature to tackle our critical air quality concerns. Salt Lake County recently spent $70 thousand dollars on a pilot program offering free public transport, and the results were great! UTA had over 22 thousand extra people riding transit that day, and estimated having removed over 17 thousand cars from the roads. This means 200 fewer tons of greenhouse gas emissions! I would like to propose implementing a similar program statewide, reserving this measure for 12 of the most severe Red Air Days each year. This is something all elected officials can get behind, especially since 48% of our bad air is caused by vehicles.

Hold Environmental Law Breakers Accountable: All Utahns deserve clean air, safe water, and a land free of dangerous pollution. I will be a dedicated supporter of both maintaining the cleanliness of our rivers and holding polluters accountable for breaking our environmental laws.

SAY YES to Environmentally-Sound Public Policy: I am an avid proponent of water conservation. I will support aggressive recruitment of wind and solar industries to increase the availability of their valuable contributions in Utah. The Bear River Project, which proposes building multiple dams and a large pipeline, has a price tag of $2 billion dollars. There is currently no justification for such a large scale water- diversion project here in Utah. I will continue to be an advocate for alternative fuels and responsible management of our public lands, which are vital to preserving and improving our quality of life.