As A State we need to find a solution for preventive care, saving money for all Utah families.

Full Medicaid Expansion.

  • If we as a state can invest 80 Million in in full Medicaid Expansion, we can bring in a 700 Million investment from the federal government. Utah’s approval of the Medicaid expansion of drug treatment waivers is a tiny step in the right direction. When two-thirds of Utahns support the ballot initiative to expand Medicaid, legislators need to listen and respond .

Payment delivery systems in Healthcare.

  • The primary objectives of a Payment Delivery System are to improve the quality of care, improve the overall health of the population, and increase the cost efficiency by expanding a value based payment system.

Healthcare is a human right.

  • Affordable access to healthcare is vital if we want to continue building a strong economy. In 2018 the state of Utah will only have 2 state insurers, Select Health, providing 24 types of health plans, and the University of Utah, with 4 plans. This is inexcusable compared to 101 plans in 2015 from 6 different insurers.

Rates for Utah’s two remaining insurers (Select Health, University of Utah Health Plans) will increase an average of 39% in 2018. Silver plans in Salt Lake County will increase 61.7%. Keep in mind that 86% of Utahns enrolled in marketplace coverage receive a subsidy that reduces their monthly premiums by an average of 72%. – Utah Health Policy Analysis of Utah’s 2018 Insurance Marketplace 

  • With a new administration in the White House, entitlement programs will be under attack. This includes Medicaid and we need to be vigilant in making sure that those in marginalized communities are taken care of. I will promise to work with all to make sure that these communities are not affected.